Case Studies

Our Case Studies

Stafford CC

The redevelopment of Stafford CC’s pavilion meant that the existing scorer’s position would be lost and so the club decided to construct a new scorebox with an electronic display. ESU provided the club with drawings and details for constructing the scorebox which included polycarbonate protective windows, behind which the high visibility LED digits were later installed. ESU also converted the existing ETS scoreboard in the pavilion so that it could run alongside the new one.

Blackley CC

Blackley CC had an existing manual scoreboard located over their machinery store. They wanted the same information on the new scoreboard, but also wanted a larger scorer’s window. The existing layout and available space made this difficult so ESU had to engineer a solution.

In order to accommodate both the larger window and all the required information, ESU constructed a separate weatherproof self contained unit for the 1st Innings score. This was then fixed to the outside wall of the building.

Luton Town & Indians CC

When Luton Town & Indians CC decided the time had come to do something about their old scoreboard the Club was in no doubt who to call, confident that the experts at ESU would deliver a first class solution. The picturesque ground in Wardown Park houses an archetypal scorebox and keen that this heritage should be preserved ESU designed a new custom wooden fascia which was made and fitted by club members.

To the integrated polycarbonate windows, ESU’s engineers fitted a main score display section using 15” & 12” high brightness amber LED digits. The ground is also used for Minor Counties Championship matches so the lower part of the scoreboard comprises two rows of matching alphanumeric characters. For 3 or 4 day games this is used to display the 1st & 2nd Innings & Bonus points for the two sides, whilst for 1 day limited over games the section is re-signed to show the bowler numbers and overs bowled by each bowler. The displays are further used during intervals and idle times to display advertising, sponsorship & general messages to the spectators.

The club have also decided to install the ESU mimic+plus system in the bar. This shows spectators inside the building the current score, and also allows the club to present information to its members in both text and graphical format. Sponsors may advertise here, where their message will be shown continuously to the many thirsty cricket fans during their visit to the Clubhouse Bar.