St Andrews Bowling Club, new club, new scoreboards

5th October 2015


St Andrews Bowling Club were moving to new purpose built clubhouse and bowling green and asked ESU to supply the scoreboards.  The outdoor scoreboard, which is fitted with anti-glare polycarbonate has ends and home and away scores for each of the clubs 6 rinks, together with a totaliser. Christine Mclaughlin said: “As the members bar and function hall are situated on the upper floor of our new Clubhouse looking out over the green, we chose to put the scoreboard at the far corner of the green so that people viewing matches/competitions from inside the Club would be able to see the scoreboard too. This has worked well for us and our members are highly delighted with being able to follow matches exactly now, and not having to guess who is winning!  here is no problem with being able to see the scores on the board from that distance and the sun does not have any impact on its clarity either!  We are delighted with it!”

ESU also supplied two indoor scoreboards for the club’s short mat season which will begin at the end of October.